Join RightContent to earn money writing for websites

Welcome to Right Content. We are a trading name of Clayton Horsnell Ltd. This website was set up because there is a great need for decent website content, written in English, by people with a ‘british accent’ when writing.

A bit about our background
We started off in the internet business a few years ago, when selling online was starting to take off. Our MD is the son of a Plumber’s Merchant and started selling plumbing and heating products online through auctions and eventually, a fully-fledged shopping cart.

Over time, this has taken on a life of its own and we are now in a position where we need decent content about home improvement, plumbing projects and… believe it or not… just about anything else, too! This is because we’ve got to the stage where people are approaching us to get them up the google rankings (Go to and check out the keywords: bathroom suite and electric towel rail).

Because we want to keep our costs down, which every business is looking to do, we don’t have the capacity to hire lots of content writers to write about varying subjects. Besides, we believe that the best people to write about a subject are the ones who have experience in the subject – not in writing commercial copy. So, if this has whetted your appetite, sign up today and join forces with us. The more people we get to join, the more successful we can all be.

What will I need?
There are certain things you need to make sure you have to begin with:

  • You must have a decent internet connection and a computer on which to work
  • You need to know how to spell and have a good understanding of English grammar
  • You must have the ability to write with a British accent
  • You must also be able to process your payments legally – either by becoming registered as self-employed and submitting a tax return each year, or by using an umbrella PAYE / contractor company.

    We are looking for people from all walks of life. From mums who stay at home to look after their children, to market stall-holders and senior business people. There is such a wide need for quality website content that whatever you do, your opinions and thoughts are important.

    How does it work?
    You will be provided with source information (this may be advertising or product material, web pages with facts and figures, or anything else the client provides to us).

    You will be given an article title and a number of keywords that need to be included in the copy.

    Using the primer to give you an idea of how to proceed, produce a draft copy of your article. Then you need to go and do something else for a while – it’s important to re-read your article with a fresh brain and correct any problems you spot.

    When you’re happy with the article, you should submit it for approval by us. Once your article has been approved, you will receive confirmation that your article has been bought from you. Once your article has been bought by the client, ownership will transfer to them. You will be given a website URL where your article can be found – this is to help you build up a portfolio of your previous work. You may not re-sell your article to anyone else, as the copyright will have transferred to the client.

    How much can I get paid for an article?
    This will depend on your ability to write Search Engine Optimised content. But don’t worry about that too much, as we are willing to help you become better at this. We have a basic primer to give you an idea of what you need to do.

    For a simple, 500-word article about a given subject, if you type at a rate of 80wpm (words per minute), you should be able to assimilate all the source information and produce the article in about half an hour. We anticipate that this would produce a fee of £5.00 to the content writer.

    If the article is not approved in the first instance, a number of improvements may be suggested by the team. If you implement the changes and re-submit the article, it may be approved on the second attempt. This would produce a fee of £4.00 to the content writer (this would cover the cost of administering the article and re-checking it).

    Of course, this is just an example model. Some articles may be longer, or the source material may be more complex to assimilate. Each client’s job will be assessed on its own merits.

    We cannot guarantee that every article you submit will be approved. If you aren’t the right person for the job, after a number of failed submissions, we may well tell you that you would be better placed focusing your efforts elsewhere. You won’t know until you try, though.