How to write an article for a website

This article is a brief, useful guide to writing content for websites. It is aimed at people who are looking to work from home, or earn extra money in their spare time.

When writing an article for a website, you must ensure that you make it interesting. You must consider who your audience is. Start by writing the article just for the reader. Does the article answer the reader's questions? The content of the article must be relevant to the title.

Remember to use the tried and tested formula - Introduction - Middle - Summary.

The Introduction serves to give the reader a headline view of what the article is about. A reader does not wish to scan the whole article, just to find out if it is relevant to their needs.

The Middle of the article should include several paragraphs of useful information. It is advisable to use headings to separate different concepts.

The Summary should be just that - summarise the highlights of the information given to ensure that the reader takes away the key points of your message.

The words you use are vitally important
In most cases, your audience will find your article by using a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo! or Windows Live (formerly MSN). When searching for information, a reader will select certain words they already know about the subject. For example, if I wanted to find information about how to bake a cake, the kind of words I would use in the search engine include: Cake, Bake, Recipe, Instructions. These words are called 'Keywords'.

Including Keywords
After you have finished writing your first draft of your article, you will need to examine the language you have used. Do you repeat the same words again and again? If so, can you find synonyms of the most often repeated words? If you're unsure - use a Thesaurus.

In most cases, you will be provided with a list of targeted keywords for your article. Be sure to include each keyword at least once, with the main keywords appearing 2-5% of the time. This is called 'Keyword Density'. If your article is too keyword-rich, you will find that your article does not flow naturally. You should also be aware that search engines are now so sophisticated that they can tell if an article has been over-optimised.

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